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I would not get too worried about the spread of AIS right now. If your Doctor just found AIS and you have been regular with your paps chances are that it has not spread anywhere else. I would definetly see an oncologist.. they deal with this on a daily basis and you want someone performing the surgery who does it on a daily basis. I had to see three oncologists until I found one that I really liked and trusted.

Trust me, I was so worried too when I was first diagnosed.. I really convinced myself that it had spread to other organs, and that is pretty rare. AIS is the beginning of cancer and it usually takes a LONG time to spread (but we all know that is not always true).

Yes AIS is rare (becuae it is of the glandular cells) but my oncologist has said that AIS has been on the rise within the last 10 years probably because of HPV.

I pray for clear margins for you and see if you can get into an oncologist! Do you have good health insurance???

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