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Thank you both for your replies. Sorry to hear about what you went through.

My symptoms, which are recurrent, include:

Vague lower abdominal discomfort (two locations on the left hand side including one in the pelvic area)
Weight gain
Abnormal menstrual cycles
Occasional lower back pain
Increased abdominal girth
Increased gas
Increased urinary frequency / urgency
Excessive hair growth

I have been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Symdrome and Irritible Bowel Syndrome, which can account for a lot of these symtpoms, but I would like to rule out the possibility of Ovarian Cancer.

The burning sensation occurs after I urinate, not when I urinate (and it's not always a burning sensation...sometimes it's a vague pain)

I am going to see a gyn and have a female exam in a few weeks, which is the earliest they could get me in.

I also would like to add that I sometimes get the pelvic pain when I do get my menses.

In fact, I had the pain today when I got my menses. I also experienced lower back pain. All the pain was on the left hand side.

Didn't get a full menses...just spotting again :(

Anyone else have the symptoms I mentioned, particularly the pelvic pain? I would also like to mention that a lot of the time it's not a burning sensation, just a generic pain.


I have multi cyst on both ovaries. They can flare up and cause the symptoms that you are describing. I was given birth control to help with the cyst. After a few years I had to switch the BC pills cause my body became use to them and the pains came back.

It can still be a bladder infection even though the pain is when you finish urination.

Some of the things you describe are the signs of Endometriosis. Heavy periods
Excessive menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea)
Pain after sexual activity (dyspareunia)
Severe pelvic pain - note that pain is a poor indicator of disease severity
Pelvic pain between periods
Abnormal vaginal bleeding
Bleeding between periods
Intestinal pain - less common
Lower back pain
Leg pain
Digestive symptoms - can occur in some cases
Painful defecation
Rectal pain
Abdominal bloating
Pain with flatulence

It's best to have your doctor tell you what is wrong as there are so many things that have the same signs.

[QUOTE=fairydust7;2855339]the pain on the left side, is it right where your left ovary would be?[/QUOTE]

Thank you both for your replies. :)

I believe it's in the area of my left ovary.

Regarding endometriosis: I'll talk to my gyn about that. I have tried BC pills and can't take them because they aggravate my anxiety. :( I've tried several different types, including the patch and had the same effect every time.

It says "pelvic pain between periods" but I wonder if pain during or around the time of the periods is a symptom as well.

My menstrual cramps can be quite painful; I wonder what they consider "excessive"...And my pelvic pains are not extreme...just annoying.

I'll see what the gyn says when I go there.

Thanks again,


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