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[QUOTE=fairydust7;2855339]the pain on the left side, is it right where your left ovary would be?[/QUOTE]

Thank you both for your replies. :)

I believe it's in the area of my left ovary.

Regarding endometriosis: I'll talk to my gyn about that. I have tried BC pills and can't take them because they aggravate my anxiety. :( I've tried several different types, including the patch and had the same effect every time.

It says "pelvic pain between periods" but I wonder if pain during or around the time of the periods is a symptom as well.

My menstrual cramps can be quite painful; I wonder what they consider "excessive"...And my pelvic pains are not extreme...just annoying.

I'll see what the gyn says when I go there.

Thanks again,


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