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For dc 2006 ,

Thank you first of all for your response . I am sorry to hear that you are going through all these problems , and especially at such a young age .
As to your questions , not that I am an expert , however I have read loads in the few months since all this happened to me .
When my oncologist ( whom I trust ) told me over the phone that I was going to have a cone for CIN 3 I assumed he meant cold knife cone , my sister had this many years ago . I had read a lot as I say and was happy with this as I had read that the pathology was better with a scalpel as the edges were clearer . When we met he told me he was using LOOP I told him about what I had read , he maintained that though not wanting to argue with me using the scalpel was outdated and would not be done in Israel ( or the UK where he had also worked ) in this day and age . Afterwards I read articles written for surgeon and in the end thought he was correct . I insisted on general anaesthetic though . I also had read that a larger area could be taken with a the knife , but he said he would take a large chunk anyway !
I know that the bleeding and recovery time is supposed to be longer with cold knife .As for pregnancy I see that after either of these procedures it shouldn't be a problem ,I think you are supposed to mention what you have gone through so you can be monitered . I have friends who have had children after a cone , I think the complications are rare , I am sure you can find information on this .

Hope this helps you and that you will get some more information to help you with your decision .

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