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Hi luzon, I think you made the right decision too. From my limited understanding, CINIII is one step away from cancer. While its true that it may take years and years to progress to that or may actually never progress to that -- its still one step. And, as another poster pointed out -- there is a much lower chance your body will clear CINIII on its own. I would get it out.

I am facing a decision about what to do after my first procedure was unsuccessful too. I am certain I want to take action, rather than wait and see, I have no clue what to do.

I had my first abnormal pap in September. I had a colpo a couple of weeks later that showed high grade dysplasia and CIN II-III in both the endo and ecto cervical tissue. I had a leep a couple of weeks later -- the pathology showed the same (CIN II-III) but the margins were unfortunately not clear, I had a follow up colpo at the end of January and surprise surprise, high grade dysplasia with CIN II. The good news was that the ecto cervical tissue came back normal, so I am now just dealing with the endo cervical tissue (I think that’s how you phrase it).

I am 29, determined to have kids at some point and sick of worrying about this. I want to be aggressive, but not do anything to risk being able to have children. I know the more procedures I have, the greater the chance of stenosis or cervical incompetence….so, I decide to really investigate what to do. I have met with two gyn. oncologists. One says have a second leep 7-8 mm in depth as an in-office procedure. the other says, have a cold knife cone as an out-patient procedure.

Here are my questions….
1. Is there any difference between a LEEP and CKN (other than using a loop vs. a scalpel)?
2. Is one technique more aggressive than the other?
3. Does either have a greater risk of causing pregnancy complications (stenosis, incompetence)?
4. (bonus question….do you have any idea how you are supposed to choose a doctor or make these type of decisions!!!)

I know this is a different issue than your post Luzon, but if you (or anyone else) has any idea how to answer these questions or experiences that would help me think about it, I would really REALLY appreciate a reply.

Again, I think you made the right call. I don’t see any reason for us to sit around worrying about this progressing to something worse -- get rid of it.

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