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I began getting my period last March, but even before I got it I would have some problems. Here they are:

Excruciating pain in my low stomach that I notice happens when I am ovulating and mensturating, but even at random times, too. The pain makes it hurt to walk, my legs get all shakey, tingely, and weak and my lower back hurts. I also get this feeling of electircity in my left side. It's like I'm getting electricuted and then the pain quickly travels to my low back. When I get the pain my uterus blows up really big and if you look at my stomach, you can actually see where it is!

I also get this pain in my bottom like a knot, and nothing can touch it while that is happening. I get yellow, blue, black, and clear discharge. But I've only gotten the blue discharge a few times. I get really really itchy down there-- on the skin and on the inside. It also burns/stings after I go to the bathroom. I took bladder infection pills which didn't do anything. I tried this stuff that you put inside you for yeast infections and that didn't do anything either.

I have bladder issues, too. Sometimes I get really strong, sudden urges to go to the bathroom but nothing would come out sometimes and that would leave me crying because of that awful feeling. Other times, like now, I have urges and stuff comes out.

Do you think this sounds like cancer? What are the symptoms of overian and cervican cancer? I also have a lot more symptoms, but I think I have Chronic Lyme Disease. I haven't been to a Lyme specialist, so I don't know for sure if I have it yet, though.

The other day in a urine sample, they found some bacteria in it, so I am now on Amocacillin.

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