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Im not sure if i would wait so long. I was dx with severe dysplasia at my last pap in June, 6 weeks later I had a colposcopy which confirmed the severe dysplasia and then 6 weeks after that I had a LEEP. The LEEP results were mild dysplasis with clear margins. I was very surprised and tried to get the dr to explain the big difference in dx. He said that he really couldnt and that the LEEP was the most sensitive test and that was the one to go by. Needless to say i was very happy. My next pap was scheduled for this past Jan. only 4months from the time of the LEEP. My results from that pap were moderate dysplasia. My Dr was very surprised. I dont think that i would wait quite that long. I just had my second colposcopy 2 weeks ago and im still waiting on the results. Im not really convinced that anyone knows exactly how HPV works so im not taking any chances, i get nervous waiting 2 weeks for the waiting 6 months for the test would make me nuts. Thats just my 2 cents. The trick is to stay on top of it.... Good luck with whatever you decide.

Take care

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