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When my daughter first visited her gyn oncologist last January, he insisted that she begin the Gardasil vaccine that very day. He told us he wanted the antibodies in her system ASAP. When we received the news of her first post-leep pap in March, his nurse said they were beginning to see a pattern of normal paps with patients who were given the vaccine. Last week, which was three normal paps and a year later, the doctor came out of her examining room to tell me he was extremely confident that her results were due to the vaccine. After 20 years as a gyn/onc, his patients with severe dysplasia, unclear margins, and/or recurring dysplasia are consistently having normal pap results...and the only thing he is doing differently is administering the vaccine!

I was quite surprised to see this "no-nonsense" doctor so excited!!! I really have no reason to doubt him...He is a member of a large, highly-respected cancer treatment center...And the results he has seen are with high-risk patients like my daughter, not women with mild/moderate dysplasia. Most of his patients are referred after their leep/cone results show unclear margins, etc...

We haven't, however, talked to any other specialists....I do know that my 24-year old daugher, who has just moved to the Los Angeles area, was encouraged to have the vaccine by her new gynocologist. When she told of her sister's leep results, the doctor said she was also noticing a pattern of normal paps after administering the vaccine in patients with dysplasia! Again, I have not seen anything in the news or online reporting the vaccine as a treatment for dysplasia, so I can't say this is documented anywhere... But something certainly worked for my daughter!!! And there have been enough successes for these doctors that they are both recommending Gardasil to all their patients!!! I will be sure to post any further information that I find!

As for the administration of the vaccine...It is a series of three shots given over a six-month period. The second shot is given two months after the first, and the third shot is administered four months later. My daughter did not have any negative reaction to any of the shots.

Best of luck to both of you...and best wishes to your daughter, Bhuneke. I know how you feel! It's so frightening to have one of your children go through this!!!

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