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Good news story
Mar 25, 2007
After visiting this board for the past 3 months, I finally joined so I could post some good news...

After two consecutive years of normal pap smears, my 19 year old daughter had an abnormal pap in August, followed by a colposcopy/biopsy in Oct which indicated mild/moderate dysplasia. Her gyn performed a Leep in Dec which determined she was "at high-risk for cancer"....severe dyspasia with positive margins in both the ectoderm and endoderm, as well as glandular involvement. For her follow-up exam in January, she was referred to a gyn oncologist who performed a colposcopy to check post-op healing and also insisted that she begin the series of shots for the HPV vaccine that day. She returned in this month for her second HPV shot and her first post-Leep pap smear/colposcopy...The results came back NORMAL!!!!! The oncologist will continue to monitor her closely with pap smears/colposcopies every 3 months for the next 1-2 years, and her next visit is scheduled in June.

Of course, no one knows what caused normal results when she had positive margins on her Leep....Perhaps the gyn removed all the affected cells when the adjacent areas were burned after the procedure, or maybe my daughter's immune system destroyed any remaining dysplasia while her cervix was healing. She also exercised daily and made changes to her diet by eating more fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and 100% whole grains. She took Centrum Performance multivitamin, one 800mcg Folic Acid tablet, and two Echinacea vitamin supplements per day. In addition, she takes Juice Plus, which are daily supplements of dehydrated fruits and vegetables.

The nurse who called with my daughter's results did have an interesting comment that I haven't seen mentioned on this board. She said that the oncologist was beginning to notice a pattern among patients with positive margins on Leep/CKC procedures...Each patient who started the vaccine series had returned for normal paps. Although the vaccine is only proven to help prevent HPV, he thinks the antibodies might be helping to eliminate the dysplasia. Of course, this is just his limited experience so far with the vaccine...But my daughter will certainly be returning for her final shot in the series!

I want to thank eveyone for the personal experiences and information on this board...It has been so helpful to us these past 3 months! I hope that by posting my daughter's story, someone will be encouraged by the good news!

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