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I started heavy spotting 2 months ago and it goes on for 3 weeks at a time and stops for 1 week. I will also spot after intercourse and taking a hot shower more.
I went to the gyno and to see my gp and have had some test done. One being a pap and test for infections. Pap came back fine and all the swabs came back negative. So I know I do not have cervical cancer or any type of infection.
My abdomen & lower abdomen are very swollen I mostly wear lounging pants that are too big for me so can't tell if I have have up sizes. But I do know my belly is WAY bigger. I have been losing weight on purpose for the last 6 months and have been able to see my feet when I look down but now can't because my belly is swollen if that makes sense.
The bleeding & swelling are some of the reasons I am concerned. I also have been having really bad pains in my lower abdomen. The pains have been there for a while now before the bleeding started, I would say about 6 months, but they are just worse now.. it hurts. It hurts during intercourse too. So much that I have to tell DH no a lot.
My gyno ordered an Ultrasound, not a vaginal just a regular one. I was wondering if this kind would find anything if I had it? I am just not feeling well at all and would like some answers as to why I am feeling like this.
Also I have been having really bad lower back pain and have been very very tired. I have also been urinating A LOT more then usual and sometimes when I feel like I have to go really bad I go to the restroom and I can't go. I have also been constipated most of the time and then when I can go to the restroom is looks very different, very light.
Sorry one more thing, The reason I found the heavy spotting so odd way I have not had a period in 3.5 years because I am on risperdal for bipolar and it makes my prolactin levels high.

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