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I've heard of some women being put under and for the same reason you that you mention it. I wasn't (don't think many are) and my doctor never gave me an option. If that is what her gyn recommends, I'd go with it.

I'm not certain about the glandular involvement. When I asked my other gyn (durning my last pap), she said it meant "severe". I was hoping for something more specific. It might mean the dysplasia was up further in the cervix or related to the adeno type cancer? I also found this a couple weeks ago: "CIN 3 (carcinoma in situ): endocervical glandular involvement" on a website...maybe it's another way of saying CIS?

I found some information on recurrence, btw. A couple sites I read tonight said after a leep it's 10% and most often happens in the first two years. So, if that's true, there's a 90% chance she won't have future problems! No matter what, make sure she keeps with paps!

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