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[QUOTE=clinging2hope;2892505]Thats why I was confused and was thinking what the heck is the point of doing a colop if he already knew it was CIN III? I dont know, something bout this guy I dont trust. He has nurses who aren't even really nurses, and he didnt even tell her about how shes unable to have sex for 2 weeks; I HAD to tell her based on the research I did. I dunno...I wish this would all pass by, I need to do well in school but its just hard knowing she could have cancer etc.

Shes really worried about losing her hair because she has reall pretty hair. They dont treat cervical cancer wit kemo right? Like if it gets to its later stages?[/QUOTE]

IT's nice that you're worried...Cin III equals HGSIL but PAP's are not accurate..Colposcopy is and biopsies offer the best diagnosis..tell her to read more about this and relax...No, she wont need chemotherapy if treated early..and yes, if the doc dint tell her not to have sex after colpo (if he took biopsies) thats not a very careful doc

Honestly, hair is the last thing in my mind when it comes to this..Im more concerned of giving birth in the future..but i guess you are still very young.. relax it'll be fine just do what the doc says

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