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I am undergoing treatment for cervical adenocarcinoma Stage 1B2 with poor prognostic features for recurrence. I had a radical hysterectomy almost 5 weeks ago, and am feeling well recovered physically now. However, because the tumor was found to be bulky, and there was tissue involvement, I am now being told I need external radiation and chemo treatment. I will be receiving a somewhat new type of radiation treatment (IMRT)- Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy- which is supposed to minimize damage to other tissues in the pelvic region, like the large and small bowel.
I am VERY concerned and anxious about side effects from the radiation. I will only be receiving the EXTERNAL radiation, and have been told that the internal therapy has a much greater potential for the possible debilitating and really awful side effects.
I am scheduled for an oopherexy(sp?)surgical procedure next week, which will move my ovaries, which I have retained, out of the field of radiation. In this way, I will hopefully avoid the dramatic onset of menopause, which I do not believe I would be able to handle very well emotionally.
Are there any survivors out there who have had positive experiences post-radiation, that have continued to be cancer free with minimal side effects even years later?? Anyone who has experienced the IMRT treatment? Any one who would advise me against radiation? Will I be able to have pleasurable sexual intercourse and orgasms?(This is really important to me!)
This is all very confusing and frightening. I feel very much between a rock and a hard place. The doctors haven't really offered me achoice about the radiation. They say I need it because the odds for recurrence are pretty high. Of course, I always have the final say about any treatment I will undergo. I do have a time pressure, though, to start the treatment.
Any information you could offer me would be so helpful and appreciated.
Best wishes to all of you,

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