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Can someone out there please help me . I just came back from the hospital having had my 2nd conization using leep/loop for CIS 3 involvement in the exocervial margins .

I was told that a smaller cone would be taken this time ,yet here I am soaking a night pap within the hour , one for each of the four hours since leaving the hospital .

After my last cone I had no bleeding for the first few days but then had bleeding for weeks but only using regular everyday panty liners .

I was told to go to ER if there is a lot of bleeding .I live an hour away and though this is really a lot compared to last time I just don't know what to do .

I wonder if it is bleeding so much more because it is the 2nd time in two months and the area is tender.

Any advice would be much appreciated .

can an ambulance come to you? A pad an hour is way too much bleeding for the four hours you've been out.

Call someone for help. Better safe than sorry.

Call your doctor first!
I had a CKC, but it was six years ago and I can't remember the bleeding. I don't think it was that much though. Could you call your doctor or the hospital?
Definitly Call Your Dr Asap. That Does Not Sound Right. I Had Leep And Had No Bleeding, Just A Light Discharge.
Hope You Are Ok.
[QUOTE=REDZIE407;2917173]Definitly Call Your Dr Asap. That Does Not Sound Right. I Had Leep And Had No Bleeding, Just A Light Discharge.
Hope You Are Ok.[/QUOTE]

Can you please tell me how long you had spotting after the LEEP procedure?

I am going in the morning for a LEEP, and I am scheduled for an operation on my hip in a few weeks. I do not want to ge into surgery with bleeding of any kind, and the Dr. said it should ne slight. I keep reading from others that they spotted for weeks!

Thanks for your input!
I just wanted to thank you all for your advice .I had decided to wait another hour or so before calling the ambulance out and during this time the I had much less bleeding .Now I have passed the night okay and still have only light bleeding now,phew!

I had no bleeding at all last time so I think that it must be just that my cervix is not 100% healed from last cone . After my follow up six weeks post cone I had light bleeding for a week ( two weeks ago ) .

Thank you again ,now just have to wait six weeks:) for follow up and results !


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