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:wave: Hi all -

Just wanted to share my experience - as I've posted before -

Found out 2 weeks ago that I had an abnormal pap (ASCUS result) and then tested positive for high-risk type HPV....I do not know which strain I have, just that it is in the "high-risk" cluster of strains. My doctor scheduled me for Colposcopy today.

I was supposed to have it this afternoon, but she called and said she had to do a C-section in the afternoon (she's OB/GYN) and could I meet her at her office in 1/2 hour - I left work right away - want to get this overwith.

The nurse took me in, told me that the explaining everything to me would take longer than the procedure, so that relaxed me. (Oh, btw - 1/2 hour before, I took some Motrin in case of pain)

She showed me the swab and the vinegar solution that the doc would be putting on my cervix to highlight the abnormal areas. She showed me the brownish liquid used to stop the bleeding after a biopsy, and showed me the actual colposcope - looks like binoculars kinda.

Anyway, the whole thing was about 10 minutes - she took 2 samples from my cervix and also did the ECC (Endocervial Curretage), where she puts the swab into the cervical opening to collect cells. I was pleasantly surprised with the lack of pain associated with it all - when she said "okay, all done" I said "that's it?" - it was not painful for me at all - I realize everyone is different, but it wasn't bad. The only thing I felt was a cramp right after and she told me I would - I've actually had worse period cramps than that. She put the brown liquid on my cervix so it would stop the bleeding, but told me to wear a pad for the rest of the day in case and also the brown liquid may come out, looking like coffee grounds. Her nurse showed me the snippets of my cervix floating in the liquid to send off to the lab - very tiny - like the tip of a ball-point pen.

She took me in her office, drew a pic of my cervix - said the samples were taken from 1 and 6 - she's talking as if 1 o'clock and 6 o'clock on the cervix. She said she could see everything very clearly and that it looks like mild cellular changes - the biopsy will say for sure. I asked if it was cancer, she said no...thank goodness. She said if the biopsy report says it's just mild, then she wants to just have another pap in 6 months, and said it may resolve on it's own. If it turns out moderate to severe dysplasia, then she will do a LEEP.

I trust her - she was once department head of Dysplasia unit at a reknowned University hospital and has performed thousands of Colpos and biopsies - she also said she is not worried about me, because she knows I will follow up and follow her orders and stay on top of my health with regular checkups - she said a lot of teen girls that she sees for HPV, do not follow up and it worries her.

I told her that I was worried about meeting men (I'm single) because of the HPV, and that they may run from me - her immediate response without delay was "they probably already have it" - it's that common.

Anyway - ladies - it's not so bad - the actual I have to wait a week for results - I'm praying it will be good news - praying for all of you as well...I'm so thankful for this board. :)

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