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I had a LEEP done last friday (4/13) and now I'm dealing with an extremely foul odor and alot of discharge. The doctor told me there'd be discharge but theres ALOT of it, and it's mostly lots of thin clear fluid, and some brown. Even two showers a day, pantiliners, and summers eve isn't helping the odor and moisture. I've tried contacting my doctor or nurse to ask if it's normal, but no one has called me back yet. I just wanted to know if anyone else who's had this procedure had to deal with the same thing, if it's normal, or if I should be concerned?

And another question, he told me to wait a month to have sex, and to not even use tampons.. Did your obgyn tell you that? I asked how long it would be before I had sex again and he sat there thinking about it like he wasn't sure... He's a good doctor,just confusing sometimes.
Hi Fibi
I had a LEEP back in Sept 06. I really didnt have much of a discharge and no odor. I would make it a point to get in touch with my Dr. especially about the foul odor since that could be a sign of infection. My Dr. advised 6 weeks with no sex or tampon use because you are still healing. I have seen some women have problems because they didnt wait long enough to allow the cervix to heal.

Take care and let us know how you make out.
I second that! I had a LEEP in November and didn't have much discharge or odor afterwards. I'd call the doctor.
I had my leep in 2004 but I can remember having a persistent discharge - not copius, but enough to have to wear a pantiliner for almost 5 weeks or a bit more. It was very annoying. The discharge was pink tinged and watery like. I would still get checked out though, esp because of the foul odor. Better to be safe than sorry.

I was told no sex for 4 weeks. The doc told me I could put a tampon in if I avoided hitting my cervix with it...well, I just thought that was nuts and didn't even try! You definately do not want to be irritating the cervical area with anything as it is healing (in that respect you might want to avoid using the summer's eve as well).

I hope things settle down for you soon. Get the odor checked out.
I just had my first LEEP in early March and like others, I had no discharge and no odor. I was actually surprised, but also glad, that I didn't have any discharge.

I was told 4 weeks, I believe. No sex, douching, baths, tampons, etc. I waited more like 6 weeks before having sex as I was very nervous about giving it sufficient time to heal.

Like the others..I would also tell you to consult your dr. Be proactive!

Good luck to you!

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