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What is ECC??
Apr 27, 2007
One side I heard cervial cancer is a slow process and on the other side I have heard of some sisters on this board being diagnosed as adenocarcinoma in sti after years of consecutive normal paps! How could this happen?:confused: From what I read on this board, some of AIS are found during pap, some are found by colposcopy after abnormal pap, some are only found by LEEP... Can someone help me understand this? Is there a way to detect the glanualr cell changes mroe efficently?Even though AIS is are, the possible "surprise" of having AIS after years of straight normal paps scares me. Is there anyway we can do better to detect this? Should I do ECC eveytime I have pap? Should I go see a gyn oncologist every year instead of a obg/gn since I know I have high risk HPV.... Any comments for you will be highly appreciated....
Re: What is ECC??
Apr 30, 2007
Hi Diamond, thanks so much for replying! I don't think my doctor did an ECC with colposcopy last time... I will ask her next month when I go for a follow-up pap.

I know I've been stressing myself too much lately, I am having cervial dysplasia. Initalliy I tried to stay positive and thought as long as I keep doing pap, I should be fine. But then I read that despite regualr pap screening, there will still be women having cervial cancer without being detected... That serisouly freaks me out. :dizzy:

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