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Hi. I a new here and I hope there is someone else out there that has the same dx as me. I also have the HPV virus.

I recently saw a ObGyn/onc. this past Wed for a second opinion and he showed me the pathology report and told me I had the CIN III along with AIS. For some reason or another my reg obgyn didn't tell me this. This is my story:

I got a call about an abnormal pap and was told that I had HPV and that I needed to go in to have a colpo and biopsy done. So when that came back the doctor told me that I had adenocarcinoma cells and that I needed to have a LEEP done.

I had the LEEP done and when those results came back she told me it was in situ and that I was 97% cured. When I went in for my 2 week check up after the LEEP she didn't tell me about the CIN III and that my dx was AIS. So when the OBGYN/ONC told me I wasn't cured I was a little suprised.

My reason behind seeing an OBGYN/ONC was to try to get a more decisive answer as to what I should do, either keep having exams and biopsies or do a hysterectomy. The ONC suggested to have another cone done due to the fact that the adenocarcinoma cells were not completely remove.

I am waiting for my reg OBGYN to call me regarding the ONC's notes but I haven't heard back yet.

Thank you for reading this and for any information you all may have. Rebecca

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