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[QUOTE=BerthaC;2957134]If you have any feelings that something isn't right call your doctor right away. I thought something was wrong & went to 3 different doctors, all telling me different things. I finally went to the ER for the 3rd time in a week & refused to leave before they did a ct scan & pow. I was told I had metastatic ovarian cancer. It ended up being stage 3c. Had I demanded 9 months before to have a ct scan I possibly may have been a lower stage. I don't mean to scare you BUT you know your body. You have every right to demand that something be done. Good luck, I'm sure its nothing but better to be safe than sorry.


Were you ever told ever told during one of your ultra sound exams, your pelvic wasn't "clear" and at any time were they unable to locate one of your ovaries? Because that is the case with me at his time. I am 52 years old in a lot of pain, nausea, pain in my thigh, lower back, hip. My cysts are large on both left and right. I fell something is serously wrong. We know our own bodies more than anyone else. The waiting is just so stressful. Anyway, I know I'm rambling, sorry. So did you have an unclear pelvis, and if so, what does that mean?


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