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Pelvic symptoms
May 2, 2007
I have been quite ill the last 2 months. It started with extreme fatique and progressed to extreme pelvic pain on the left and right side. I went to the gyno. and he took cultures and and I had an intravaginal ultrasound. He put me on 2 antibiotics...flagl and doxcycillin. I told him I had PID when I was younger and maybe this was it. I took all the flagyl but had to stop the doxi. because it caused extreme pain and swelling and burning in the vaginal area. On the last day of the other antibiotic, I had extreme pain on both sides and almost went to the ER. the pain subsided somewhat and I went to work sick.When I had my ultrasound the tech said you have quite a nice size fibriod. When I told the Dr. how sick I was ,He said everything is normal..just continue you antibiotics( spoke to him last week)..I told him I may go to the ER if the pain gets greater and , he just said ok.He also said the Ultrasound was mention of the fibroid...I'm going to another gyno. tomm. The other symptoms I have up to today are lack of appetite, diarrhea, extreme bloating in the pelvic area, extreme fatique, feverish at times, pain on both sides that go from dull to severe...Fullness sometimes when I eat and backpain..I think I should ask the dr. to put me in the hospital for intra.. antibiotics if this is what I have...Sometimes it feels like I have 2 balloons on both sides ready to burst...needless to say I'm not at work today... Anyone else have these symptoms.?...Forgot to mention ,I also have frequent urination and urgent which I haven't had before.

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