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Am I selfish?
May 18, 2007
I had my first coposcopy done in the fall of 2006. The doctor at first recommended that I schedual a leep right away to take care of the abnormal cells, because just by looking at it, without even the biopsy results, he said it looked pretty bad, but when they got the results in, he gave me a choice. He said that I could wait 4 months and see how it's progressed or regressed or go ahead and get the leep, they said because I've already had a child, I could wait the four months, and it really should be okay. I ended up waiting and switched doctors for insurance reasons.. When I saw my doctor he did a coposcopy and immediately advised I get the leep done that same day. The results of the biopsy came back as hygrade cervical dysplasia. He took pictures of my cervix so that I could see what it looked like, and from the pictures it looked like almost the entire outside of my cervix was covered in the abnormal tissue. My doctor then said the cells have moved up into the inside of my cervix, and I now have to get a comb biopsy done to the inside of my cervix. He told me I have to get pap smears done every two months, and probably repeated leep procedures because it's all progressed so quickly. December of 2005 my pap smear results were fine, and a year later I have a hygrade cervical dysplasia.

Now, I'm only 20 years old, and I have a 3 year old son. I completely want more children, but my doctor told me that having repeated leeps and biopsies done can weaken my cervix. He then said that if it keeps coming back, or progresses to carcinoma the final result will be a hysterectomy.

Would it be wrong of me to get pregnant before anymore of this continues? I mean, What if I wait it out, get all the procedures done, and still end up having cancer and/or a hysterectomy and still can't have children? or have a baby now and deal with all of this after I get another child? Does it sound selfish? I'm in a committed relationship of about a year with someone I KNOW i'm going to be married to, and a college student. I wanted to be married and out of school before I had another child, but time isn't on my side. What do all of you think? I'm torn.

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