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Re: Comb biopsy?
May 21, 2007
A cone biopsy is removing a peice of your cervix that's the shape of an icecream cone. A cylinder-shaped piece of tissue from the center of the cervix will be reomoved using a scalpel (called a cold-cone biopsy) or laser beam.

You are almost always put to sleep with general anesthesia. Once you are asleep, your legs are put in stirrups and the lower half of your body and legs are draped with sheets. A sterile, blackened speculum is placed in the vagina if a Laser Cone Biospy is being done. Otherwise, a weighted speculum is used to hold down the back wall of the vagina. An assistant holds the top and sides back as the doctor needs it done. Two stiches are placed, one on each side of the cervix, to tie off blood vessels that feed the cervix.

If LEEP is used, a wire is used to 'scoop out' the cone of tissue. For laser or scalpel, a circular incision is made into the cervix at the width needed to include the abnormal areas. The piece of tissue is grasped with a locking forcep to both hold onto it and to keep the tissue out of the doctor's way while she cuts the wedge from the cervix. The cut is then extended down to the depth that the abnormal cells may be in the cervical canal. A cone-shaped or cylindrical wedge of tissue is removed using the laser or knife.

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