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Hello again,

I posted the other day asking about treatment for CIN1/2 and I wanted to know what other women opted to do to treat this same type of dysplasia.

What I would greatly appreciate is hearing your opinions and advice concerning treatment options. I will definitely be seeing a naturopathic gynecologist and nutritionist to try to reverse my mild/moderate dysplasia. However, if this does nothing to help my dysplasia then I will have to consider surgical treatment options.

I would like to know what the differences are between the cryotherapy and the LEEP procedures. What have been your experiences with these two procedures? My boyfriend is a physician's assistant and he says in his experience, they usually use the LEEP to treat more severe lesions of dysplasia on the cervix and not mild/moderate (which can be treated with cryotherapy). And how likely is it that the dysplasia will come back after any of these treatments?

I'm just worried that physicians now are employing more aggressive procedures to treat dysplasia that may clear up on its own (with good health, vitamins, etc.). I'm frustrated that doctors never suggest vitamins/supplements, etc., over the past 2 years that I've had ASCUS paps and it wasn't til I read this boards that I found out about folic acid supplements. :mad:

And one more question- Do birth control pills worsen dysplasia? Have any of you stopped taking the pill once you had dysplasia and did this help? I'd love to hear more of your stories and advice. Thank you!!! :wave:
As far as your question about the pill...after researching and reading as much as I could about it, I have learned that there are numerous studies out there that have linked low levels of vitamins A and B complex with cervical dysplasia. Oral contraceptives can increase a woman's chances of having an abnormal pap smear. The pill has been shown to lower B vitamin levels in the blood. In women who are already lacking in nutrients, the pill can set up a slight deficiency state. High doses of folic acid have been used to reverse some cervical dysplasia in women who develop it while taking it. That is why it's good to be taking a multivitamin rich in B complex and containing folic acid. I have found that the suggested amount of folic acid you should take if you have a pap in the LGSIL category is about 5mg every day. My understanding is that this is a pretty high dose. You may have to get a prescription from your doctor for it. You should also be taking a good B complex vitamin and multivitamin-mineral, along with adding antioxidants to your diet. And if you smoke...stop.

Again, this is just what I have found in my own personal research. I'm sure you will hear other great suggestions and advice from other ladies...

Good luck and God speed...


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