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Hello again everyone,

I was wondering if any of you women decided to opt for naturopathic treatment of mild/moderate cervical dysplasia and if this helped you in the long run? I've been doing some research and it seems that this is a good alternative for the surgical treatment of mild abnormal cellular changes (of course if one can afford it as unfortunately most insurance providers do not cover naturopathic consults).

I have read some older posts concerning this and it seems to be effective for the lower grades of dysplasia (of course, higher grades should definitely be treated with a leep, laser, etc). Has anyone gone the naturopathic route? This seems to me to be a great option for milder dysplasias as it is all about boosting one's immunity and suppressing the HPV that is causing the dysplasia. My main concern is that although the LEEP and cryo will treat the current abnormalities, it may not prevent its recurrence, which is definitely treated by improving one's overall health via good nutrition, exercise, etc.

After doing a lot of reading and researching, it appears that these naturopathic doctors get the best of both western and eastern medicine-- and prevention is key. This preventative angle is something that is imperative for all of us with HPV and I wish so much that more MDs would emphasize nutrition/prevention. I for one am definitely going to visit the naturopathic doctor who specializes in women's health to treat my mild/moderate dysplasia. And if this does not help my dsyplasia, I will always have the leep as a back-up option. Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on this alternative? Thanks for your input, you're all in my thoughts as well all go through these similar struggles-- much love! :wave:

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