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Hey there K2626,

If you are having a LEEP done it's because your biopsy came back positive for moderate/severe dysplasia or possibly (and please don't let this scare you) cancer in-situ on the cervix. Your doctor should've told you why the procedure is being done. I would definitely find out.

I believe the "margins" are the areas around the infected area. If they are clear of dysplasia, that means all of the infected tissue has been removed. If the "margins" are NOT clear, it means that dysplasia is still present and may require further treatment. I think the decision to do a repeat LEEP or cone biopsy is determined by a follow-up PAP after your surgery.

You should really spend sometime reading through the threads on this topic. There is ALOT of helpful information from women who have had much more experience with "margins". Check them out!

Hope this was helpful.


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