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Re: Hgsil
Jun 7, 2007

This does not mean you have HPV.

I just went through the same thing. I had an abnormal pap which came back HGSIL/ll.
I had 2 Colposcopys and a LEEP, all came back negative, and I did not have HPV, which one of the doctors kept insisting I had simply because she said that a high percentage of women with that DX has it!
She actually told me that it would be a wasted test to test me for HPV because she was "sure" I had it.

I do not have HPV, and all is well at this time.

Insist that they actually give you a test for HPV so you will know one way or the other. I am not a person who likes guessing games. I have to know for certain what is going on. You may be in the percentage that does not have it!

Good luck!
Re: Hgsil
Jun 7, 2007
Like Timber said earlier, chances are you have a high-risk form of HPV that has caused these abnormal cellular changes on your cervix. Do get treated for that (with the LEEP, I imagine is what they'll suggest) and also get tested for the virus. There may be a slight chance that you don't have it (like RouxWoman), but percentage-wise you probably do. Don't let that concern you too much though-- I know it was quite a shock for me to hear of my testing positive for it last year, but after reading and researching all I could about it, around (if not more than) 80% of sexually active people will have had contracted some strain of HPV in their lifetimes. This is extremely common and I believe the reason we don't hear too much about it is because there's no test for men who have it-- therefore, millions of men are walking around out there who have HPV and do not know it and are merely carriers of the virus (unless they have a low-risk strain which in some instances they may exhibit warts). Don't let that fact scare you though-- it merely demonstrates how prolific this virus is. As you may have read in other posts, your dysplasia is highly treatable and with great success rates. But remember the LEEP or cryo does not *cure* HPV, it merely removes the abnormal cells so healthy ones grow in its place. This means that starting now, you should definitely boost up your immune system with supplements (search the board for older posts on this) and keep healthy and active so your body builds immunity to the virus in order to suppress it and keep it from causing dysplasia in the future. I hope this helps! Let us know how you get on-- wishing you the best! :)
Re: Hgsil
Jun 10, 2007
My doctor said that HPV comes and goes and that it is possible to test negative for a while when you do have HPV, so really, it is the diagnosis of hgsil that tells you that you need to be super dillagent with paps and whatever else you need to do to get rid of those bad cells and keep them gone. The HPV is almost a given but even if you test negative it doesnt really mean anything because you still had/have those hgsil cells and you need to stay on top of that, so I guess taking the focus off what caused it, and looking to what you can do to get rid of it, is the way to go. Some of the reaserach I read about HPV also just says that there is a link. It isn't the same as saying if you have HPV you have these cells. I have CINIII and just had a LEEP. I also think it is a good idea to try to keep your immune system strong once you do get everything, so that you can help your body keep the cells away.


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