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LEEP experiences
Jun 8, 2007
I am scheduled for a LEEP in July, though I am not sure why yet. I went in for my 2nd bio and colop a couple weeks ago and my doctor said if it comes back with dysplasia then I will have a Cryo. Well, her assistant called and said I am now having a LEEP but he did not know why, nor know my results from my bio. My doctor returns on Monday so hopefully I will have more insight then.

Has anyone had any bad experiences with LEEPS and the outcome? I want to understand my options more, and from what I have read Cryo is less damaging to the cervix though LEEPS are more aggressive in removing abnormal cells. What to do?
Hi again!

I personally haven't had the LEEP or Cryo done but I have a good friend who has and she had it done to treat her mild/moderate dysplasia. Her first pap 3 months after came back abnormal but rather than re-do the cryo, she waited another 3 months to have another pap smear and it came back normal! She has to go in every 3 months but she said she's tested negative for HPV (whereas before she had tested positive). I hear that cryo is less invasive than the LEEP, but you may want to do more research on that before you decide. Maybe your doctor doesn't perform Cryo's? I know my university's insurance doesn't cover cryos anymore, for whatever reason. Remember that you should definitely find out what type of dysplasia you have before you proceed to have the surgery done. The LEEP is usually utilized for more severe cases of dysplasia -- it is a quick, successful procedure but keep in mind it still is an invasive procedure (where they shave off the abnormal tissue of the cervix).

My main concern with the LEEP (and cryo, for that matter) is scar tissue. If you plan on having babies later, there is a slight risk that scar tissue will be pose a problem. That's why I'm holding off on any surgical procedures because personally, I was only recently diagnosed with mild/moderate dysplasia and believe this is much too early to jump in and scoop off part of my cervix. Also, I would hate to have to do more LEEPs in my life as LEEPs do not cure HPV, they merely remove the dysplastic cells and at any point in your life (when your immune system is down, you're under stress, etc.), HPV can flare up again and create more dyplasia, necessitating more LEEPs or cryos.

I've decided to see a naturopathic gynecologist who has had great success in treating cervical dsyplasia (treatment which includes a series of supplements and vaginal suppositories to treat the infected tissue on the cervix). If you're concerned with having a LEEP, perhaps you should hold off until you know what your diagnosis is. And if you live in a state where naturopathic doctors are licensed (CA, WA, Oregon, among others), then perhaps that could be an option for you? They are trained in traditional, Western medicine but their focus is on preventative health and nutrition-- which is *exactly* what us women with cervical dysplasia need! If you do opt for a LEEP or cryo anyway, do keep on top of your health (maybe see a nutritionist or naturopathic doctor to keep your immune system up).

I'm seeing the doctor next week to start my regimen. I will let you know how it goes and (fingers crossed) hopefully get a normal pap in 3 months! Take care and best of luck to you!

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