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Thanks Karen, that's good advice.

Since my biopsy camed back as "mild changes", I felt reasonably ok with waiting the four months for a repeat PAP. From what I have read, this condition usually goes away or is easily treatable.

It alarmed me though when I read about others whose biopsy came back as "mild dysplasia" but their soon to follow Leep showed much worse. Having had to have cryo in the past, it worried me that maybe my biopsy is not telling all there is to know.

You're right, I need to talk with my doctor and ask my questions. When I get the phone calls from my doctor, I am usually filled with dread as I know she wouldn't be calling me unless something was not right. My head is usually spinning from whatever news she has to give me, and I don't get my questions figured out until long after we have hung up.

I am trying to keep my head about this and not let this consume me. Perhaps it would be nice to read more stories from those whose situations cleared up or were successfully treated. I suppose those who have received a clean bill of health move on and don't have as big of need to post as those with existing and scary conditions, which is understandable.

Thanks again.

I didn't mean to come across as contestatory nor did I read to much into what you said. That said, however, I do remember you saying in a previous post that I should not mess around with dysplasia (in terms of considering alternative to a LEEP or cryo) and that supplements only do so much. So I suppose it does seem that you're critiquing the more naturopathic/homeopathic route for treating dysplasia and seem to back more the LEEP, cryo options. Having read incessantly and talked to numerous health professionals (both MDs and NPs), it is indubitable the importance of supplements, vitamins, etc. in boosting the immune system in helping dysplasia regress. I have also read in many medical journals that LEEPs are being all-too frequently performed on women with milder/moderate dysplasias that have a good chances of regressing. And messing with any part of the reproductive area of nulliparous women is quite daunting and frightening. That is not to say that LEEPs and cryos are not successful and help pre-cancer stages from advancing-- I do understand their importance, however I am highly skeptical of gynecologists who tell me that I may need a LEEP to treat my mild/moderate dysplasia when various naturopathic doctors I talked to mentioned that these procedures should be used in only more advanced, severe dysplasia. Until my next re-pap, I will be doing everything naturopathically possible to help my dysplasia regress. Personally I will not mess around with that very delicate area of my body unless the dysplasia progresses. But everyone is different and may follow the LEEP route or the naturopathic route. However, even if a woman chooses to treat dysplasia with a LEEP or cryo, I believe taking supplements and boosting the immune system naturopathically is the best way of helping the body heal and to keep the dysplasia from ever recurring (as we all know that LEEPs do not *cure* dysplasia).

Sorry, that's a long-winded way of saying I did not mean to attack you Timber but rather I wanted to stress the importance of improving one's overall health (via supplements) and to not rely soley only LEEPs and cyros for curing dysplasia. :)
Hey LCGirl,

I agree with you 100%! I think it's great you're being proactive about your health and that you'll be doing all you can to boost your immune system to make your dysplasia hopefully regress by your next pap smear. I'm going to follow the same course of action as yourself and try everything naturally for the next few months until I have a re-pap in the fall. And like you, I will fall back on cryo or LEEP if things do not regress by then. Please let us know how things go for you and I'm here to listen if you ever need to vent. I know how emotionally aggravating (well, we all do on this board!) this can all be and the ever-present, looming feeling is sometimes overwhelming. I'll let you know next week what my naturopathic doctor will prescribe me in terms of supplements to see if any of those match yours, if you don't mind. :) Take care of yourself and keep us updated!

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