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Hi again Aryes,

I just wanted to reply again to your message as I know what you mean about the ambiguity of all these pap and biopsy results -- the mental stress it wreaks is actually quite harmful! :( You say you're planning a wedding- congratulations!!!! I think you should focus and keep your mind on that. I know it's so much easier said than done, but really, this situation will clear up and there are way too many other important things in our lives to focus on. Remember that women have been dealing with these cervical health problems forever-- it's just that with recent technology (especially within the last 15 years or less) they are able to scrutinize and pick up on ANY LITTLE HINT of abnormality.

If you think about it, all of us with just dysplasia really aren't in too bad of a situation (considering we have the rest of our health in check!). We can keep our health monitered and treat any changes that may lead to cancer. I was talking to my mom (who's of the hippy/freelove/baby boomer generation, and she was telling me that when she was younger, she NEVER heard of these cervical health problems nor did many women then suffer from cervical cancer in the US. And remember, this was the generation that was much more promiscuous! You would think cervical cancer would be abundant in the baby boomer generation now! But I think what it is is that NOW they have the medical advancements and technologies to be able to stem cervical cancer 100% and so any dysplastic changes they may not have noticed in the past, they are picking up on every change now. This is great for cervical health, however, this also causes monumental mental stress on all of us! It's such a weird thing to be diagnosed with something and (for the most part with dsyplasia) feel absolutely no different in terms of your health. It's really emotionally draining!

This is just a long-winded way of saying that our problems are all pretty minor and we are all being proactive about our health and keeping up on it. We're lucky to have access to routine pap smears as most of the incidences of cervical cancer are in third world countries where health care is deplorable. So try not to stress out! I know the results of pap smears and biopsies are all so ambiguous and stressful, but keep your mind on your wedding and happier things. :) You should come to this board to vent, but try not to fixate on it too much-- you will be FINE! :) Take care and let us know how you get on!

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