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[QUOTE=k2626;3037954]So I finally spoke to my doctor and she said I am having the LEEP because my biopsy came back as high grade, though my pap was low grade. For those of you who do not know my story, when I went in for my follow up pap the NP said "no news will be good news, but call me anyway for the results". So I called and heard nothing back and figured well if she didnt call me to begin with and is not returning my calls I guess I am okay. Three months later I called to refill my pill prescription and decided to double check that my results were okay. Well an hour later I got a call saying I needed to come in for a biop and coloscopy because I had mild dysplasia. I wonder that if she had called me back in a timely manner, and I got treated for the mild if I would be sitting here with high grade? How can I have gone from having HPV to mild dysplasia to high grade in only 8 months? Does this mean I am going to have cancer? I am so depressed and cannot even focus on work today because I feel like I am doomed.

I have my LEEP on July 11th, should I get it done earlier?

As always, thanks for your support.[/QUOTE]

I think what has happened (and it happens to many women) is that you've put too much trust into the pap results. Pap smears only take a SMALL sample of the cells on the lining of your cervix. It does NOT diagnose just indicates whether or not abnormal cells were detected. A follow-up is SO IMPORTANT, because the biopsy is the ONLY way to properly diagnose the cell changes in your cervix. So it's more likely than not that you've had high-grade dysplasia this whole time, and not that it's progressed so rapidly. I've had moderate dysplasia for well over a year following my last LEEP -- and thus far it hasn't progressed (still waiting for my last biopsy result). So try not to worry too much about it...stress is harder on your body than HPV is. Keep positive...and thank GOD it's not worse. Remember, even if it had gone invasive -- it's still one of the most treatable and curable cancers there is!

Take Care and Good Luck,

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