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I will definitely let you know in 3 months how my naturopathy regimen turns out. I've read that it's had great success in boosting the immune system and helping the body make cervical dysplasia regress. So I'm doing the natural route first and hoping my mild/moderate dysplasia regresses in 3 months' time!

I also wanted to let you know that one of my friends had the cryo procedure done, just like you, last year for her dysplasia. Her first re-pap also came back abnormal and she was truly upset. However, instead of opting for a second cryo, she decided to wait-and-watch and have a re-pap 3 months later. Her second re-pap came back normal! She believed that her body was still healing and needed more time-- and perhaps this is the case with you.

In any event, try and relax and realize you will be fine. :) Also, the biopsy results will tell you what you need to know and depending on the result, you can make your own decision on what type of procedure to follow. The doctor shouldn't have mentioned ANY type of procedure that you would need to have done as he/she didn't even have your biopsy results yet!! That was very unprofessional of him/her to instill such fear in you, for absolutely no reason as of yet.

Also, look into the laser ablation procedure, if you do need some procedure done again. I've read on these boards that they're as effective as the LEEP but with less risk factors involved (fertility, etc). I also do know that naturopathic doctors treat severe dysplasia and have had success with that too. If you're considering the naturopathic route, check the website for physicians in your area and give several of them a call to chat about how they treat cervical dysplasia. Best of luck to you! Keep us all posted. :wave:

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