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Re: Pap Results :(
Jun 19, 2007
That's the thing Lisa. This was my 3rd post LEEP pap so I'm pretty sure it won't be healing cells. It would be nice though.

The more I think about the last few months have been more stressful than usual. Maybe that's a reason for this? There has just been so much going on. I'm looking into the vitamins that a lot of you have been posting about. I'm also thinking that maybe starting yoga would be a good idea. Anything to help keep the stress levels down, right?

Thank you both for your replies and your well wishes. It really helps!
Re: Pap Results :(
Jun 21, 2007
Hi again furtiva,

It's funny you mention the subjectivity of a doctor's opinion-- it's so true! I've been having my pap smears/colposcopies done by a primary physician and not a gyno at my university's student health clinic. After my CIN I-II diagnosis came back on my biopsy last month, my primary care doc referred me to see a gynecologist-- finally! She's been a pretty solid doc and I asked her what she thought the gynecologist would recommend me doing for my CIN I-II, and she said it'd be pretty much up to the particular doctor I saw! Incredible! She indicated that for CIN I-II, a more aggressive gyno would recommend a LEEP and a more conservative gyno would do a watch-and-wait. So I think for our type of dysplasia, it really is up to the type of doctor you see. I have a referral for a gyno July 9th for a consult-- I'm going to just sit with her and ask her all my questions and see what she would recommend for my case (of course, I'm not going to do any surgery at the moment). I'm also going to talk with my best friend's mom who's a gynecologist to see what someone close to me would suggest, and I think this would be very informative also as this is a doctor who is also personally attached to me. Long story short-- yes, I for those of us with mild/mod dysplasia have more options but I'll be curious to hear what these 2 different doctors recommend I do. I'll have to report back to you when I talk to them! :)

And I agree entirely with you about this being a life-changing experience. The emotional ups and downs have *not* been fun nor have the numerous paps and colpos! I was like you, too-- freaked out at the beginning of all this ordeal and just ready to be done with all this HPV crap. Right after I found out about my dysplasia, I was ready to get that LEEP done so I could, according to my doctor, "start having normal paps again." But after doing tons of research and talking to women on these boards, I realize that the surgeries are not going to cure us 100%. I know it's a pretty high curative rate, but it's not 100%. So this was one reason why I changed my mind about the LEEP and searched for alternatives. And like you, my boyfriend and I plan on settling down and having babies within the next few years so I'd much rather keep my repro organs intact if possible! And I guess we can rest assure that worst case scenario, even if our health regimens don't make the dysplasia regress, well then we have laser or LEEP as a back-up, and many women here have had no problem having babies after these procedures which is always a comfort to know.

But you're absolutely right --this really is the chance for us to make better life choices and just live more healthy. I was pretty healthy to begin with, so maybe that's why I've only recently developed CIN after 2 years of ASCUS paps and benign biopsies. But either way, now it's all about keeping on top of our health, boosting the immune system by eating right and exercising to help our bodies kick the HPV into permanent dormancy. That would be great! :)

Anyway sorry for the rant, I'm so glad to have met you on here and that we're going through a very similar experience! One more ques (I promise!): I can't remember if you said this earlier, but are you on BCP? I'm getting off mine after this pack ends, but just wondered if that helped with your pap going from LSIL to ASCUS (which is great, BTW! congrats!) Take care!

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