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[QUOTE=MichelleNTX;3056021]I see you're somewhat frustrated by the fact that you have been touched by dysplasia, and probably went through a lot of stress about it.

Is there anyone who is not stressed by displaysia? I think that would be an odd response. It doesn't frustrate me, but it is frustrating to think that there are a lot of types of people out there and some of them just want to be told what they want to hear: which is that displaysia will go away on its own or that it is not going to turn into cancer or that they don't really need a LEEP or that they can cure it on their own. I think we really have to consider what our advise to might lead people to do, or NOT do, and what the consquences of that might be.

60 years ago, no one ever biopsied a healthy cervix. We were all safe from doctors trying to biopsy our healthy bodies. If you got cervical cancer - or any other type of cancer, you usually found out about it right before you died. In developing nations this is still the case today. People die of cervical cancer all the time because they couldn't get a pap, even if they knew what one was. But in the US and other developed nations, today, if a woman has a LEEP and it comes back clear and she never had anything wrong, well, then, great! That woman can be sad that she was one of the few who ended up with an unecessary procedure, thrilled that she is healthy (how many of us would have given anything to have our LEEPS come back as clear and unecessary???) but be glad that she has the opportunity to particpate in a medical system that saves so many lives.

You wrote:
"If you donít have HPV, then it can safely be assumed that you are NOT going to have dysplasia or cancer -- and continue with your regular Pap tests."

You know, on one hand, I need to pack...but this statement is (no offense) a risky thing to say on a board where very concerned people are looking for advice. I actually don't think it is allowed. You can't say that anyone can safely assume they won't get cancer because you do not know if there is a woman out there with HGSIL and a false nagative HPV test or a whole lot of other potentials that don't involve HPV but do involve cancer, or might eventually. We would all like to hear that we have nothing to worry about, but some of us DO have something to worry about (or might) and I think you need to be careful with these absolutes and maybe remind people that you are not a doctor and they should talk to their doctor, before deciding they have nothing to worry about.

I know you post a lot of research on this board so I am sure you have read that there is a "causational relationship" relationship between HPV and cancer, but it is not truly causational. Which is obvious when you think of all the millions of people who have HPV and who will never have a single moment of cervical trouble. You can have one without the other. In fact, you can get cervical cancer from having endometrial cancer, so there is just one known way right there. If you have an abnormal pap you need to find out what is going on and treat it. What caused it is over and done with. It is what it is now and you have to move on from where you are today and make sure you don't get anything worse because even if you don't have kids there are people in your life who are expecting you to make smart, responsible choices about your health.

HPV is a factor but HPV tests can come back negative when a person is, in fact positive. I have had both a positive and a negative test myself, so I put literally no stock in that test and neither does my doctor. Not treating a cervical abnormality and putting all of your hope on an HPV test (which is as likely to be out of whack as a pap) seems really foolish.

I know it feels better, especially if you are young, to decide that bad pap results are usually meaningless and to encourage others to do the same, but countless women in developed nations are NOT DEAD because (and only because) of these procedures and I stand by my statement (and know that my doctor and other doctors would agree) that any pre-cancerous condition needs to be examined/treated/monitored agressively and with everything that we are so lucky to have available to us.


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