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Crazy three weeks!
Jun 20, 2007
Holy cow! It has been a crazy three weeks but here is how it turned out:

I had a bad pap three weeks ago and freaked because we are going to China for a year this Friday. Of course, I thought I had cancer. I also had a bleeding problem for many years and caught the bad pap trying to deal with the bleeding, so I actually had two problems (I figured if I did not have cervical cancer than I definitely had encometrial cancer, since I actually had all the symptoms of THAT) at once and very little time to deal with any of it.

Anyway, I had a biopsy/colposcopy right away which confirmed CINIII but with a lot of variety (from very mild to some severe in the middle which my doctor thought might mean there was more high up in my cervix.) Four days later I had a LEEP (I scheduled the LEEP when I scheduled the biopsy because of time constraints, I also scheduled a endometrial biopsy and an ultrasound). The LEEP in the doctor's office was painful and the endometrail biopsy was also painful. I was still having discharge from the first biopsy so I was felling kind of prodded and over treated, but I was not about to go to China with this potential for cancer festering in my body!

The LEEP came back with everything gone but this one tiny area higher up that had high grade cells and unclear margins. My doctor said she thought this might mean that there was displaysia really high up in my cervix. Because my endo biopsy came back clear (Thank God!) I opted for a endometrial ablation procedure (where they burn out the lining of your uterus to prevent extreme bleeding) My doctor said she was going to do another, more agressive LEEP during the ablation and that I should prepare that if she did not get it all of if it showed even higher up, I would need a cone this week (which would have been four surgical procedures in three weeks, I was certainly crossing my fingers I would not need the cone).

So, I went in to the surgery knowing they were going to take a really large piece of my cervix off. I am fine with that. I have four kids and no non-necessary body part is more important than doing everything I can to stay healthy for them.

So, I had the entire surface and a big part of the center of my cervix, going up fairly high removed, and it was high grade all the way up, which I am so glad I told them to take it all out because what if it was up there and no one knew and my paps came back mild but in fact there was cancer growing in this hidden spot? Yikes! Somewhere on the internet I read these cervical cancer stories and there were women who had that exact thing happen, where they were doing the "wait and see" and they had paps that were clear or mild and there was really a major cancer going on high up in their cervix...this isn't every situation, obviously, but now I know that is my situation, and I was so lucky to find it when I did and to have had a doctor who was super agressive about getting it instead of thinking it might be okay to wait and watch or whatever. It was like, mild on the surface of my cervix, but raging displaysia high up, which was kind of hidden (the doctor on call that I spoke to in the process even said my first biopsy got it all and not to worry but my doctor I guess had more experience and felt like there was more to it).

Well, now that I am "cleared" for the time being, I will come back from China in 6 months for a follow up. If they find those cells back again, I won't hesitate to have the entire thing removed, to do a hysterectomy. For one thing, those LEEPS are not minor things to recover from, and for another thing, if it is going to keep coming back, why court disaster? It is so funny though, for all these weeks I have been so obsessed with my health, and now I am finally waking up to the fact that I am moving to China on Friday, so I can finally freak out about that! ;-)!!!!

By the way, I want to get those mushroom immune bootser things in China...but I also want to be careful so does anyone know the exact name of the types of mushrooms that are suppose to boost your immune system? Also, I heard about a root that started with an "A" that was also really good but I can't recall the name.

Thanks! And good luck to all,


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