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Sorry, I really didn't describe my bleeding, like you asked me to.

It started with spotting, then my periods got heavier and heavier and the spotting got worse and worse until I was bleeding more days than I wasn't. I had a few hemorrge epsiodes, some episodes of very extreme bleeding, and then the pain started (maybe after 4 years or so) The pain was very bad. I blacked out once and had to go to the ER. I went on pain meds and then my doctor put me on the birth control patch (I can't take hormones orally). The pain got worse, but the bleeding lessened. I was worried about the pain meds. He told me to take the patch off after three months (the whole time he basically said a) I was too young for endo cncer and so he was not going to do an endo biopsy, b) it was likely addenomyosis which can only be diagnosed with a hysterectomy and c) when it got bad enough I'd want a hysterectomy, whihc I DID want, but I was teaching full time and have four kids, so it wasn't an option until summer, that year.

Something weird happened: I took the patch off three years ago and the pain and spotting stopped and my periods went back to what I called, "very heavy normal." No spotting for three years and very little cramps and no serious pain and definitely no more hemorraging. I don't know if they will ever know what I had/have until I finally get that hysterectomy, but I am SO THRILLED I had that endo biopsy. I love my new doctor. We are like a team. She is really proactive and joins me in battling these bad things to stay healthy. I wish I had bailed on my old stuck in the mudd wait and see guy a loooong time agao.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


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