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Hello fairydust! :)

I know how bummed you must feel-- we have ALL been in that position before! And honestly, feeling a litte down about your diagnosis is a certain extent. The more time that passes and the more you read and learn about mild dysplasia and HPV, the less anxiety and depression you will feel.

I had a similar case as yours. Three years ago, I got my first ASCUS pap. Three years later (and 2 benign biopsies later, one that showed cervicitis like yours), my third biopsy showed mild-moderate dysplasia. I was floored and upset. I was confused as to how this happened to me as I'd been so careful sexually in the past and led a very healthy lifestyle (like you, no smoking, minimal drinking, exercise, healthy foods, etc). I found this out a month ago but in that time, I've come to this board, seen various doctors and read and researched ALL that I could about dysplasia and HPV.

All the information and support I've garnered in this past month led me to several conclusions:

-HPV is rampant and extremely hard to avoid if you are to be sexually active.

-Regular pap smears is the only way to screen cervical cancer.

-Even if you have dysplasia, it takes up to 10 years to progress to invasive cancer.

-Proper nutrition, exercise, no smoking, plenty of sleep, limited stress factors in your life CONTRIBUTE to the supression of the HPV strain that you have.

-Your body can and eventually will suppress the HPV in your body. It may take you longer than other people, but you can help it out via good health and lifestyle changes.

-Many, MANY MANY women go through this each year. You just don't know about it because it's not really a common discourse -- it's not really something you bring up at a cocktail party! ;)

-Roughly 70% of mild dysplasia will regress on its own. Even moderate to severe dysplasias can regress, though this is not as likely to happen.

-Time really is not of the essence in women with dysplasia. As it takes years to turn into cancer -- and not all dysplasia will turn into cancer-- give your body time to properly deal with the dysplasia and fight it. The body has an incredibly ability to self-heal, so rushing to get any procedures done is not advisable (they wouldn't do that for you anyway as you only have CIN I).

Try not to stress! Like the other ladies said here, stress can only worsen your health! Think of how powerful stress is-- people develop stomach ulcers due solely to stress! Now if someone can stress themselves out to the point where a hole in their stomach is created, then imagine what stress can do to other parts of our bodies!

You are not alone. It is stressful and overwhelming at times, but don't let it dictate how you live your life. Remember just how common this virus and dysplasia is and that many other women in the world know what it's like! I hope you take care and try not to stress. Your condition more than likeyl will disappear on its own, just give your body time. :)

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