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Hey Fairydust,

I'm sorry to hear about you being upset. Don't. I know you feel depressed and unlucky, but is not a big deal that it's showing mild dysplasia. I might say that even the colpo is highly subjective, depending on doctor's opinion. Your first one probably just intrepreted differently.

From Ascus to mild is not a big jump, had it been moderate/severe this time, than you would have reasons to worry.

Also, don't forget that once you have this, you always have to alert in treating or addressing its problems. Take it easy, stress only makes it worse.

Did the doctor suggest any path for treatment? You'll be fine, If in 6 months it hasn't regressed, you can check again with the doc.

good luck
Good luck with the leep k2626

Lisa, I read your thread earlier after I'd posted mine. I really hope your pap results come back good.

Do you think being on bcp now could be affecting me too? I'm thinking about stopping it until my next pap and see what happens. I'm not on it for birth control reasons, just on it cause my hormones were all wacky for no reason.

I guess one thing that bothers me with this is that I have a comprimised immune system due to a dysplasia of the skin (ha go figure huh?) that caused an open wound at birth that has never healed. So knowing I still have not fought off the hpv just makes me paranoid/nervous. and I can't even get the vaccine until I talk to my wound healing specialist b/c my gyn doctor says its common to have a reaction at the skin after receiving the vaccine. I think I'd be fine, but I can understand him being cautious. and if it doesn't go away and continues to progress, I worry about how I'll heal from a leep. and i worry about infection and all that fun stuff that "normal" healing people with normal immune systems don't have to really worry about. With almost every pap I've ever had being ascus my pcm and dermatologist were starting to wonder if that was just the way my skin cells are since I don't have normal outer layers of skin.

i hate having these pity posts too. i'm just bummed out though. was really really hoping for some good news for once. i've been having a lot of other health problems so i guess today this was just the straw that broke the camels back. :(

I was glad to find out though that I'm supposed to be going every 3 months and not every 6 like my previous doctor told me. I didn't like my previous doctor, so I'm glad I have one now that I like at least. At my pap he came in and sat down and spent about 10 minutes talking to me and wanted to know if I had any questions, etc. Then he called in the nurse and did the pap. I really liked that he took the time to talk to me about things. my other doctor always left me in the dark and mae things seem so much worse than they were.

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