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Re: Question
Jul 1, 2007
Hi K

Don't worry about the procedure. You'll be on general anesthesia right? It'll be over before you know. Becks was on local and totally terrified but she did it! :)

Tomorrow will be exactly 2 weeks that I had my LEEP procedure. The first week was some spotting and cramping and I am seeing more blood these couple of days, exactly what my doctor told me.

Do try to rest, not do too much like walking for about a week. Do not carry anything heavy. Kim mentioned that she experienced some spotting when she was packing and getting ready to move to Suzhou. I was carrying my laptop and instantly felt the bleeding. No sex and tampons for at least a month too ... :(

I exercise and dance quite a bit but not doing any strenuous physical activity for a month so to let my insides heal.

Note that my pap came back with suspected CIN III, then colposcopy was CIN II-III and now, after LEEP, I'm clear. Don't worry about it cuz when you worry and get all stressed up, your immunity will be down and that when the virus creates havoc in your system. Keep healthy and relaxed. Go treat yourself to a massage, manicure, anything to make you happy. You're going on a holiday with your boyfriend, right? (Or was it someone else? :p)

Take good care and keep us updated!

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