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Hi Lam,

I'm really sorry to hear about your abnormal pap. I think we can all relate to you on these ups and downs regarding this HPV/dysplasia. Were your results just ASCUS or something else?

I wouldn't jump to any conclusions just yet regarding your case. Like you said, it could just be that your body needs more time to heal and hopefully the colpo/biopsy will show this.

My friend had the cryo done a while back and her re-pap showed abnormal cells still. She had the option to do another cryo or wait for another 3 months to see if her body had healed-- she opted to wait and guess what? Her pap was normal after she waited more time! So while I know it's frustrating to go through this horrid waiting game and not knowing what exactly is going on with your body, I believe your case probably just had to do with not letting your cervix heal completely.

Don't give up hope! :) We're all together in this experience, unfortunately. But keep being healthy and I'm sure in a few months' time all will be well again. Take care and let us know how that colpo turns out. :)

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