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Re: Asc-us
Jul 5, 2007
Hello Ishy and welcome!

I totally understand your feelings and confusion. A repeat PAP in 4-6 months is very common practice for ASCUS. My doctor told me up to 80% of these cases will clear up on its own. Typically it takes several years (10+) for these cell changes to develop into cancer so a wait and watch course will not do you harm at this point. If at your follow-up your PAP it is still abnormal or has progressed, there is still plenty of time to treat. Remember, cervical cancer is one of the most treatable cancers. Just be sure to keep up with the follow ups.

Do what you can to boost your immune system i.e. eat healthy, make sure you are getting plenty of vitamins, exercise, and get plenty of rest. This is a good time to stop smoking, if you do. Search the boards for what some of the ladies here do to help their immune system.

My PAP came back LGSIL which is one stage past ASCUS. My colpo biopsy result confirmed CIN I. At this point we are taking a wait and watch approach with a follow up PAP in four months. In the meantime, I am also trying to boost my immune system.

Research as much as you can about ASCUS. Try to relax and not stress over it as that will do you more harm than the ASCUS will at this point.

Take care and good luck!


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