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Hi everyone!

For those of you who don't know my story I will give a brief update. In April 2000 I was diagnose with mild dysplasia that went away without treatment. In February 2005 I had a normal pap and went on to concieve my 2nd child in September 2005. I had another pap done in November 2005 that came back abnormal and the colpo showed severe dysplasia. I gave birth to my healthy daughter in June 2006 and had another colpo that still showed severe dysplasia. I had a LEEP/Cone Biopsy scheduled for September 2006 and upon getting the bloodwork done for the procedure I found out I was pregnant again. After finally processing mentally that I was pregnant and had to wait to get the procedure I ended up having a miscarriage. I then had the LEEP/Cone Biopsy done in October 2006. I had a normal pap in December 2006 and March 2007. I had my last pap in June 2007 that came back abnormal.

Now that you're all up to speed, I had my colpo done today. Aside from the cramping I feel great and I'm glad to finally have it done. I have to call for my results next week and he said that we will decide where to go when I get them back. Now for the anxiety and the worrying. I know that I am luckier than most because I don't seem to wait nearly as long as some do on here for their results.

I just wanted to hear if there is anyone else in a similar position to me. I am almost 30 and my husband and I decided that we weren't going to have anymore children (basicly because of where the LEEP was performed and the Cone Biopsy being done we didn't want to risk another miscarriage). What did any of you decide to do when it came back after having a LEEP/Cone Biopsy? Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself but I just don't want to keep dealing with this. I'm sure you can all understand.

I'm spreading my good thoughts out there for all of you!

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