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Hi ladies, I am back from my LEEP-at last! So the worst part was the shot, other than that I could not really feel anything. The smell was weird too. I am pretty crampy now however. The odd thing is they made me sign a release that I would call them if I experience bleeding heavier than my first day of my period or if I have bad cramps. I expected I WOULD have this.

SO here are some interesting things that my doctor told me which condradicts ALL research I have done. This is the same doc that told me I could have sex 2 days after my biopsy!

So here is what she said:

I can go back to working out in 3 days---regardless of how heavy it is

No sex for prob three weeks, but she will give me the green light only after she sees me next

LEEPS do not cause scar tissue unless one has it done in the canal, I had it on the tip of my cervix. She said Cyro is the one that causes scar tissue.

I can remain on birth control, she has never heard any issues with woman staying on it after a LEEP or if one has HPV

You cannot pass HPV back and forth with your current partner, not that strain anyway.

So what do you all think about this? I am baffled that she said I can work out after 3 days--though I will not do so.

She showed me the part of the cervix she took out and she took out two parts that were about the size of a nickle, and a bit thicker than I expected though she said it would be (prior to) 3mm.

Finally, I need to get a new doc--she literally seemed annoyed that I was askihng her questions. My friend actually almost told her that she was being rude but she refrained from doing so.

SO I should get my results in 2 weeks. I am having pretty bad cramping right now :( Can anyone give me feedback on how bad your cramping was?

Thanks for your ongoing support ladies!!!!
I'm back as well. Ugh. Well .. that was fun. I must be very resistant to drugs because..

1. I took three pills of Valium and still no effect,
2. The anaesthesia didn't really work so well so I felt quite a bit of what was being done

But it's over, yay, and my doctor said no sex for four weeks instead of six weeks. She also told me that I could start using tampons again after two weeks and that I don't really need to limit my physical activity -- tennis, working out, etc.

I'm feeling kind of crampy and just generally icky so I'm going to lay down for a nap here in a few. However, I'm going over to a friends house tonight because she baked me 'SORRY YOUR JUNK GOT CUT UP' cake (hehehe) and another friend sent me the most gorgeous flowers that are just filling my apartment with the most beautiful fragrance.

Hugs for k2626! I was thinking about you..

Oh, and my doctor also told me that I need to come back in immediately if I experience bleeding that is heavier than a heavy flow period.
Ha yeah my doc asked if I wanted to see what she took out and I was like you bet I do! It was strange seeing it though. LOL.

No they did not give me any pain killers. I have been taking advil and actually only had cramps for about two hours on and off after. It felt like a bad mix of period and gas cramps, I could not even stand up at one point. I feel a wee bit crampy now but not a big deal. No bleeding yet.....

Oh yeah, the shot did not make me feel too dizzy (though the doc said it could) just made me feel a bit "out of it".

Cant wait to get the results back!

Becks, have you gotten yours?
K2626 -
I am so glad your procedure went well. I was reading your post and, although everyone heals differently, I wanted to tell you about my recovery.

I had LEEP done three and 1/2 weeks ago. I was put under and did not feel a thing (YAY!). I only had mild cramping for about two days, and I went back to work the day after my procedure. I just tried to stay off my feet as much as possible (I have a desk job, so not a problem!). I did have a weird dark discharge the first week, but after that I was able to just wear a panty liner. All was well, and I felt great - up until my two week mark. Let me explain -

I also work out and was told to wait a week. To be on the safe side I bit the bullet and waited two weeks to start my workout routine. A couple hours after my workout I had really bad cramping and started bleeding quite a lot. I called my gyno, and she told me to come see her immediately. When she examined me she told me that two of my capillaries (in the cervix) were bleeding heavily. She put some gunk on the capillaries to stop the bleeding and told me not to work out for another two weeks. My workout consisted of 30 minutes on the stationery bike and some light weight lifting. Compared to my normal routine, it was toned down quite a lot. However, my gyno did attribute my bleeding to my workout session.

I really wish I had waited a month to work out. I have been having cramping and bleeding problems ever since, and I have had to go back to my gyno two more times after that first episode. I was even put on bed rest for two days. My advice is to just take your time and heal first - and listen to your body. Pamper yourself because in the scheme of things a month is just a blip when you look back. I really feel that if I had waited it out I would be fine now.

Just curious if anyone else has had this type of experience after LEEP - ?
Wow Joski-thanks so much for sharing your experience. I have had no bleeding or cramping as of yet, though just had it done yesterday. Here I was thinking, hmmm maybe I will start doing light cardio and abs on Monday (5 days after), but after hearing your experience I prob. wont!

It is so strange because some websites say wait 3 weeks, some say 48 hours, some a also sounds like everyones doctors on this board are saying different things in terms of working out. I guess there really is no clear answer, though I do not want to risk it and go through what you went through!
K -

How are you feeling today? Are you back at work yet?

I will be seeing my gyno on Monday and she will determine how my healing is progressing and may give me the green light to go back to normal activities. Cross your fingers for me . . . I haven't had any bleeding or cramping today. YAY! Although I have not gained any weight I am starting to feel out of shape after missing almost a month of my workouts. I am "Jonesing" for a good workout, ya know?

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