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Hey evert,

I'm sorry to hear that you need the LEEP now. I know what you mean when the doctors/nurses make it seem like no big deal but it's a big deal for those of us who need to get it done!

Did your biopsy show CIN II or CIN III? This is important to know because depending on the grade of your dysplasia, they will take out cervical tissue accordingly. I've been told by a couple of doctors that it's a judgement call when it comes to how much tissue will be removed during a LEEP. The less dysplasia you have (CIN II), the less tissue will be removed (a minor LEEP). CIN III and carcinoma in situ will require a major LEEP.

If I were you, I would emphasize REPEATEDLY to your doctor that you want as little tissue removed as possible but still removing all the affected tissue. You want a conservative doctor performing the LEEP, not an aggressive doctor who will take out more than enough tissue "just to be safe." Get a sense for how your doctor works. If he/she seems to have an aggressive protocal, switch doctors to one who is more conservative in their technique. This way, the less tissue removed, the less complications with pregnancy you will have.

But rest assured, most women who get LEEPS done don't have many problems having babies afterwards. Of all the doctors I talked to, they ALL told me that only about 1-2% of women who get LEEPs will either get cervical stenosis (the scar tissue will block the opening, making it hard to conceive) or cervical incompetence (where the cervix is too weak and will likely break early and make you deliver pre-term). With the cervical stenosis, you WILL know if you have it because you won't be able to have your period. This can also be fixed in your doc's office. The cervical incompetence is more likely to happen with cone biopsies (they take out WAY more tissue than a regular LEEP). In that case, they can put a stitch (cerclage) to keep the cervix shut and you'll deliver your baby on time.

So you see, even if in the worst-case scenario you are of that 1-2% of women who have one of these complications, there are still remedies for both and you should not have a problem having a baby after your LEEP.

Just remember to get a doctor with lots of LEEP experience and to emphasize that fertility is of the utmost importance to you right now. Trust me, not all doctors are the same so find one your comfortable with and who will listen to what you want. Good luck and stay relaxed! You will be fine and should have babies without many problems after the LEEP. :) Take care!

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