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Hi ladies, I am back from my LEEP-at last! So the worst part was the shot, other than that I could not really feel anything. The smell was weird too. I am pretty crampy now however. The odd thing is they made me sign a release that I would call them if I experience bleeding heavier than my first day of my period or if I have bad cramps. I expected I WOULD have this.

SO here are some interesting things that my doctor told me which condradicts ALL research I have done. This is the same doc that told me I could have sex 2 days after my biopsy!

So here is what she said:

I can go back to working out in 3 days---regardless of how heavy it is

No sex for prob three weeks, but she will give me the green light only after she sees me next

LEEPS do not cause scar tissue unless one has it done in the canal, I had it on the tip of my cervix. She said Cyro is the one that causes scar tissue.

I can remain on birth control, she has never heard any issues with woman staying on it after a LEEP or if one has HPV

You cannot pass HPV back and forth with your current partner, not that strain anyway.

So what do you all think about this? I am baffled that she said I can work out after 3 days--though I will not do so.

She showed me the part of the cervix she took out and she took out two parts that were about the size of a nickle, and a bit thicker than I expected though she said it would be (prior to) 3mm.

Finally, I need to get a new doc--she literally seemed annoyed that I was askihng her questions. My friend actually almost told her that she was being rude but she refrained from doing so.

SO I should get my results in 2 weeks. I am having pretty bad cramping right now :( Can anyone give me feedback on how bad your cramping was?

Thanks for your ongoing support ladies!!!!

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