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Adnexal Mass
Jul 11, 2007
[B]Hi there. I'm 37 years old & had a pap smear & pelvic exam on Monday. The physician's asst. who did my pelvic said she felt something on/near my left ovary & is sending me for an ultrasound tomorrow. I'm just wondering if anybody has ever heard of this & if it could possibly lead to ovarian cancer. I don't have symptoms of anything and have NEVER had an abnormal pap, pelvic or even a cyst on an ovary. I'm kinda scared. We don't have any kids yet because we just got married 3 years ago & were going to try this fall.
If anybody has experience with an "adnexal mass" please let me know. Thanks! [/B]
Re: Adnexal Mass
Aug 12, 2007
hi there...i also had a doc appt for a yearly physical / pap smear on tuesday of last week and my doctor told me she couln't feel my right ovary. then when she gave me my papers to go get an ultrasound, which by the way then can't get me in until tomorrow morning, the papers said "large mass in adnexa".. I am freaking out. everything that i have read online points to ovarian cancer but there is no family history. however i have had some of the symptoms.. really tired all the time, feeling of fullness in my abdomen, and a lot of indigestion which i thought that i had an ulcer because i have had them before...if anyone has any advice out there please let me know...i am going crazy about this and kinda frustrated that my doctor didn't tell me more even though i was telling her about all the symtoms.

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