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Hi everyone -

I've been reading so many different boards and websites about HPV, colpos, LEEPs and the like. There are so many different opinions, theories and recommendations. I've recently had a colpo which turned out to confirm the moderate dysplasia they originally thought from the pap.

I have not yet had a follow-up consult with the doctor yet, however, when I called to find out about my results, the nurse said "doctor wants to schedule you for a LEEP - so and so will call on Monday to do that." She didn't even consider offering me a consultation to talk about it with the doctor. When the other nurse calls on Monday, I will certainly ask for a consult first and then make my decision after that. She acted as it if were no big deal and when I told her that we are TTC and that I needed more info before I committed to an invasive procedure, she was very nonchalant with me and said "I don't think there are really many risks associated with it..."

With that, what questions should I ask the doctor about the LEEP? What questions did you forget that you wish you would have asked now?

Here is what I have thus far:
*How immediate is the need to have the procedure done? How fast do you think the dysplasia is growing worse?
*Can we continue to try for 2-3 more cycles and then if nothing, do the procedure then?
*What happens if we get pregnant just before the procedure?
*How will a pregnancy change the dysplasia?
*If the need is immediate - how long before we can try again?
*What are the risks for conceiving and carrying to full term?
*What percent of patients have you treated with CIN II - How many are/were TTC or are now pregnant and how are they fairing?
*How many patients have you treated with LEEP? What is the percentage break down for those in the different stages I/II/III?

Thanks for all of your help and support! Trisha

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