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[QUOTE=smith77;3105365]Hi Ladies

I am posting here mainly for some support as I have been really upset. I am 24 and recently had an abnormal smear results (all others have been normal)!

I went for a colposcopy 3 weeks ago which confirmed I needed treatment for CIN II so had LOOP done....ouch that was awful! Anyway my doctor never really explained what causes the abnormal cells and if they can reacure?! I was so nervous and upset I forgot to ask any questions!!!

I got my results back yesterday which stated I had CIN III (not CIN II, which I was originally told I had) so the cells must have been worse than they thought, which really worried me!!

Anyone else had this happen? My letter also said its highly likely the LOOP got rid of all cells however got to go for another colposcopy in 6months and I am worried sick!!

Any advise or support would be so much appreciated.

thanks x[/QUOTE]

hiya, and welcome to teh board, i notice you are from teh uk too?

the procedure you just mentioned is quite normal here in teh uk under the nhs.

i had a pap test in nov, tehy did a colposcopy and a punch biopsya nd that came back clear. iw as tehn put on six monthly review.

i then had another pap in may and colposcopy but this time it returned cinIII. the target in teh uk is for hospitals where cinIII is concerned to get peopel in fro treatment within twow eeks of results,a nd cinII within foru weeks (i was sat reading it in teh waiting room when i had my leep three weeks ago).

if you'd of shown cinI tehn teh hospitals tend to monitor this fro a coupel of smears, tos ee if it goes away of its own accord. if it doesnt tehyw ill then treat, tos top it advancing further.

to be honest there is very little difference between cinII and cinIII, aslong as teh cells are caught before they turn cancerous and invasive then teh procedure is the very same (eitehr removed via a leep, laser treatment, ora cone biopsy),after which it is six monthly checks here in teh uk until you get three all clears ina row.

once you have yoru three all clears you tehn go onto annual ones (thsi is usually under the doctor as oppose to teh hospital), and that continues for a further nine years.

as for the cause, well most cases are caused by hpv, which about 97% of people carry. some people will carry it all their lifes, it is just theeir immune system gets low, and hence they get an abnormal pap. if you have a read through soem of teh other threads on here youw ill find soem tips on improving teh diet (What vitamins to take) etc.

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