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oh trust me i know what you mean!!! when i first found out i had CIN I/II i envisioned all types of worst-case scenarios. even my mom told me i was losing it a bit and suggested i see my school's counselor! haha! i actually did see her for one session and really help me put things in perspective and helped me with the mental anguish part of all this dysplasia crap. but coming to these boards and venting is also a form of therapy, i think! :)

i think the best thing is to keep yourself busy. and trust me, the more time that passes, the less this will occupy your mind. i was obsessed with all this at first, but it's been 2 months since my biopsy results came back and I feel pretty calm and in control about this! compared to two months ago, i feel pyschologically more at ease! :)

the not knowing what's going on on your cervix can drive you nuts, though. rest assure that even in the worst-case scenario, which would be CIN III, there are quick and easy treatments for that. and that's the worst that can happen! really not too bad at all. :)

Search the boards for natural/health treatments for dysplasia. Also, search online for Doctor Tori Hudson's "Preventing and Treating Cervical Dysplasia: A Natural Medicine Perspective." She treats dysplasia naturally (which is a regimen I'm doing right now) but she also lists vitamin supplements and food choices that are geared towards suppressing HPV and helping reverse dysplasia.

To recap, some important things are:

-folic acid (BIG doses, up to 10 mg a day- you may need a prescription from your doctor)
-vitamin C
-viamin b complex or find a good multivitamin
-lots of veggies with a dark tint and high in folic acid (spinach, kale, collard greens, broccoli, etc)
-dark-skinned fruits (cherries, blueberries are EXCELLENT for us, strawberries, blackberries, etc.)
-make sure you get your daily protein (eggs, chicken, etc)
-brown rice instead of white
-green tea!
-try and limit coffee intake (one cup every other day is okay)
-limit refined sugar intake

Anyway there's more but look around online and you'll find some helpful stuff. Let me know if you have more questions about supplements, etc! Take care :)

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