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Hi Marielle!

I wanted to let you know that I empathize with you completely. I think you've read the thread "Health regimen for CIN I-II" that Furtiva and I have posted and that the three of us have the same biopsy results.

With our particular CIN, it's very subjective what type of treatment will be recommended. Go back to that thread and re-read some of the posts on there. But to recap, I've seen 3 doctors all telling me different things to do regarding my dysplasia (one said LEEP now, one said LEEP after a few months of watchign and waiting, and one said watch and wait with NO leep now).

I'm opting for a watch-and-wait plan with a repeat pap smear and biopsy in 4 months to see the status of my dysplasia. I decided not to let the doctors scare me into a LEEP right now because my best friend's mother, a gynecologist, said that I could wait til October to do a repeat pap and colpo, if necessary. She said many doctors are much too aggressive and in her 20 years of gynecological experience, she now sees the benefit of adopting a conservative approach when treating milder cases of dysplasia in young women.

It's entirely up to you what you choose to do. From what all the doctors have said about cryo, they just don't recommend it as much as LEEP or laser. It's not as effective (higher chance of the dysplasia recurring) and it also causes scar tissue (as does a LEEP). If you do any type of surgical treatment on your cervix (cryo, LEEP, etc), there is always a risk of an incompetent cervix or cervical stenosis. You would definitely have to be monitered more closely by your OB/GYN once you're pregnant to make sure your cervix is strong enough to hold the baby in. So I'm not sure if natural childbirth is an option for women who've had LEEPS, etc? That would be interesting to find out, but my guess would be no.

In any case, I do think improving your overall health is the best bet, for whatever treatment plan you choose. LEEPs and cryos do not cure of HPV and the only way to suppress the virus so it won't cause dysplasia is to boost your overall health and immune system. Diet changes, vitamin supplements, and other lifestyle changes will definitely help with that. I, too, want to have children in the near future and so keeping my repro organs intact is important to me. I'm seeing a naturopathic doctor who has me on an intense regimen of vaginal suppositories, vitamin supplements, and anti-virals that are helping treat my dysplasia as well as boosting my immune system and suppressing my HPV. Furtiva is also on a similar health regimen plan for her dysplasia.

So to sum up (sorry for this rant!), I think you have time to wait and watch in your type of dysplasia. I think with CIN III it would be a little riskier, but since this dyplasia is a bit milder, then there are certain things you can do to increase the chances of your dysplasia spontaneously regressing. Remember that dysplasia is verrrrrrrry slow to progress and sometimes it doesn't progress at all. So perhaps a naturopathic treatment could be an option for you now? In any case, I'd ask around more docs about the cryo-- every doc I've spoken to really do not like using that anymore since it's only most successful for CIN I and you shouldn't be treating CIN I with anything at all.

I hope this helps ease your mind a bit! Trust me, I know how confusing it is talking to all these different doctors and hearing contradictory recommendations. Just keep informing yourself before making any treatment choices and be sure that you are most comfortable with that treatment of choice!

Let me know if you have more questions! Take care! :)

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