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Hi there,
I was dx 2 months ago with stage 1b1 cervical adenocarcinoma. I just had a radical trachelectomy 3 weeks ago and just found out that there was microscopic invasion in 1 lymph node.:( I am a mess and cannot focus on anything anymore. I have a 5 month old son who needs his mommy and all I want to do is sleep and cry. I will be starting chemo and radiation soon and am soooo afraid of all that may come with that and also a future recurrance. Is there anyone out there that actually HAS cervical cancer since I see nearly all who post here just have abnormal cell changes. I don't really have anyone to talk to who is going through something like this and would really love some words of hope and encouragement.
Thanks to all who reply
I have been in your shoes before. I had skin cancer at 32 with a 6 and 10 yeard old at home. I was devastated and scared. I had surgery and chemo. I now am 40 and have LGSIL. I know you are scared and angry and you have every right to be. When a person hears the word cancer their lives seem to go on hold. My father died at age 57 from a brain tumor and every time they tell me i have some form of cancer my thoughts return to him. I want you to know that you are not alone and we all need to vent in order to get through this. I hope you stay on the board and read the post and keep us informed about yourself. Take care.

I just had carcinoma in situ, so I'm not in your shoes, but I wanted to respond so your post would be bumped up to the top again. PLEASE scroll through old posts, or do a search. There are several women who have gone through, or are currently going through, what you are. I know that since I found this board last September, I have seen several women here with various stages of cervical cancer. I hope they'll pop in and read your post, and give their thoughts.

Meanwhile, take care. I know you must be terrified. From what I understand, though, cervical cancer (even invasive) is highly treatable. I know that doesn't help to hear right now. My brother went through chemo and had several lymph nodes removed for testicular cancer, and although it was devestating and terrifying, he's now 7 years cancer free. There WILL be light at the end of this tunnel.

In February of this year, my mother in law was diagnosed with cervical cancer, they found lumps in her lungs and after too many tests, they determined that she actually had stage 4b uteran cancer-that had spread to her cervix and then to her lungs. Chalk it up to a wrong lab report sent out three years ago as to how it was allowed to get this far. She has undergone six weeks of daily radiation and weekly chemo treatments. She is scheduled to have a hysterectomy in two weeks. The doctors have said that her cervix and uterus are back to normal size and that the first chemo drug is killing the nodules in her lungs. When we got the initial diagnosis, we were basically told that it would kill her, she was given about a 17% chance to live. But as we look at things now, she has a great chance for survival, we just have to keep her spirits up. After I started posting, I realize that you have cervical, not uteran, but we thought she had cervical for the first month after diagnosis and I researched both, and even though I know they are completely different, they seemed to be similar. Everything I read says that the earlier you catch it, the better your chances are for survival, and you have caught it in an early stage. Good luck, just try to keep up beat and positive, right now thats the hardest part for us.
I was diagnosed in February with Cervical Cancer, I was due for a hysterectomy on my 27th birthday a few weeks later. On the day of my op they couldn't operate as it had become very aggressive and had spread quite severely and I was now Stage II inoperable. What a bombshell!! The complication to that point had been a suspect Lymph node although I'd been told they were going to have to do a FULL hysterectomy, that was the only reason they wouldn't have done.
I then had to undergo 5 weeks of Radiotherapy everyday and Chemotherapy at the same time once a week.
It is hard, I won't take it away from you, being told you have cancer is one of the hardest things ever, what you do after that is up to you. My philosophy so far is that a positive mental attitude will get you a lot further than you realise. People who are negative become self destructive without realising it. This will sound very hard, but please.... Laugh as much as you can, smile at the small things, don't let people bother you, they don't matter. Take joy in your children and love them. Don't dwell on the negative, you'll heal a lot faster, easier and you'll have less pain. I speak from experience. people ask me how I'm so positive, and yeah sometimes it's hard facing my mortality,knowing I'll never have children. But, I have a choice as to wether or not I get up each day. I wish you all the best, my love to you. Angie X
Gigglefairy- would you be willing to talk a bit more about what led to the diagnosis of your cancer? Im currently waiting for my cone biopsy to confirm invasion of the cervix.
i have stage 1b1 and have to go to hospital on mon 30th to have my lymph nodes tested then if they are clear a hysterectomy on the thursday if not radio will speak more tomorrow if you want or email me xx i have 2 kids too 2 boys 10 and 8 i am trying to keep happy am really scared for the op
poniesnpaws and the other brave women who were diagnoses with cervical cancer - can you share a little about your history. Did you ever have an abnormal pap smear or was the cervical cancer an incidental finding because of some other problem like pain? Did you go regularly for your pap smears? How long did it take from your first abnormal pap to the development of your cancer? Do you smoke? Have any other health problems?

Best wishes to all of you for a safe and speedy recovery!
To hopeful,
I never had an abnormal pap since I started having yearly paps at the age of 18. It wasn't util I was pregnant at 33 years old that I had my first abnormal pap. That was 10 months before my dx. They told me that I had some abnormal cells and that I shouldn't worry, that cervical cancer takes YEARS to develop. They told me they would just do a leep after I had the baby and I would be fine. Well, in most cases cervical cancer does take years, but in mine, it took less than a year. I never had an HPV test and no one ever suggested that I should. I never even knew what HPV was. I am so happy for the vaccine and that HPV is something women are becoming more informed about. I see the commercials ALL the time now. You know the "tell someone" campaign. I wish I had known about this sooner but oh well, can't dwell on the past. I never had health problems but I did smoke. Cervical cancer IS very treatable so there is hope for all with this. Nothing was done for me after my bad pap regarding LEEP, cone biopsy or anything else because like I said, I was pregnant and they felt it was safe for me to wait until I delivered. Most of the time it is caught very early and a LEEP or cone biopsy is all that is done so don't worry. Good luck and stay strong. To all the ladies who have replied to my post, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your stories with me. You are all a huge inspiration to me and give me strength to know that I am not alone in this battle and others out there are fighting this and fighting it HARD! I hope and pray that we are the last of the cervical cancer generation and that they continue finding ways to prevent and treat this (i.e.the vaccine) cancer. May we all end up in HUGE % of women that beat this! Thanks, Sharon
You are never alone in your battle ... We are all part of the same army......Good Health and prayers!!
April?, I don't understand. I never posted in April. Right now I am getting a second opion on my path report post surgery. I went to Sloan Kettering and I have heard from many sources that they tend to be over aggresive in how they treat patients. They told me I would need chemo and rad for one microscopically involved lymph node and I am waiting to see from another doc if this is the best option for me. I would hope that I won't need that since that would put me into menopause at the age of 34 and I would need to take HRT to ease the symptoms. I will keep posting on my progress and what this other doc says. Take care
sorry Sharona!!! April comment wasn't intended for you..LOL Good Luck with everything and keep us all posted .....Have a great night!!
i never went for a smear for 12 years then started bleeding after sex and had one day when i had some discharge that was blood stained so went for one i was told i had a erosion and needed to have it cauterized got smear results in and said i have sever abnormal cells so went for a leep and the doc said he has found a growth and did a cone biopsy he told me to prepare for the worst was told a week later i have stage 1b1 cervical cancer don't drink or smoke
You said it just right! We will be the high % that fights and beats it all!
I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma 5 yrs ago- and alot has progressed since then. I too had a radical trachelectomy, I had tissue invasion but nolymph invasion. I had a Lymphondectomy at the same time as my surgery removing lymph nodes leading too and from that area. I did not have to do chemo and radiation.
I know form my expierence lymph nodes once invaded are dangerous and need to be respected. I agree with your choice of doing a second opinion. Did you have any lymphondectomy as well?
I don;t know about the menopause as there are such new teqhniques in administering chome and radiation, and the radical trachlectomy left your ovaries, if you have your ovaries you shouldn't go into menopasue, I had a friend who had radiation and they were able to cover her ovararian area and not casue such severe damage- shelater went on to have 2 children.
However If chemo and radiation is the best option suggestied by both Dr's then I'd do it - menopause or life. I bet after this menopause would be a breeze and if your still around to be with your child then you win.
Be happy and relish in the fact you had the opportunity to have a child, I can not give my husband children and thats difficult to live with.
You have a lot to live for- be pro active, relax, eat right, rest and take care of your self and keep a positive attitude (helps fight all the bad), God says everything happens for a reason- What is he showing or teaching you?
I'll say a prayer for you. Belief goes so much farther than fear. You'll be okay.
Hi Snobun,
I dont know if they did lymphandectomy but they did remove 23 lymph nodes. All were benign but one had a minute micropapillary aggregate-as it said on the path report. I have taken that to be looked at by another gyn/onc who is also one of the best Dr.s in the country. From what I know, women fly in from all over just to be treated by him. He told me that he wanted to look at the slides from my surgery and that depending on what the pathology dept. at this hospital sees, I may not even need the chemo or rad. I already have it in my mind that I am going to do it, just to be safe unless he tells me something so over the top convincing me that I am going to be 110% ok, I don't want to take a chance. He had not called me back but I am expecting to hear from him any day now. How did your friend go on to have children after having radiation as I know from what they have told me, the uterus is radiated and the blood flow is compromised making it pretty much useless. Please let me know how that happened. My Dr. told me the only way to have children after treatment is if they moved my ovaries out of the way before so they wouldn't get hit by the radiation and then took eggs out of them, fertilized them, and had a surrogate carry my child. I would never be able to carry my own child after radiation. So I am very interested in your friends case. I have heard from someone else too that her Dr. said as long as she still had her uterus, she could get pregnant even after having radiation, but no Dr. that I have ever went to has ever told me anything like that. The Dr. that did my trachelectomy was the one who suggested the chemo/rad, just to be safe but told me he could do nothing for my fertility after that. Oh well, I tried to save it but looking at the big picture, none of that is even remotely important to me. So what? No more kids, big deal. I just want to be around for my little boy and for my friends and family who love me. THAT is what important to me right now, and, I could always adopt. Instead of this child being born the traditional way, he/she will be born from my heart. You are right, if I have the treatment and I am around for my child(ren), I win. That is how I feel too but I will wait to see what this Dr. has to say just to be absolutely sure this is the best for me. I do know for a fact that the place I had my trachelectomy done do tend to be very overaggressive in how they treat patients. If they find even a speck of a spread or one single cancer cell, they want to zap you right away. It is a VERY huge cancer center in New york city and they are notorious for that. That is not neccessarily a bad thing to do but sometimes over treating and medicating comes with a huge price tag. I will wait for the answer from my Dr. here in New Jersey ( who I love and trust) and go from there. Thank you for the reply and putting me in your prayers, if you can, let me know more about your friend as I am curious and I will keep you posted. Take care sweetheart

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